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1. Smart Growth
The City of Madison absolutely needs growth, but it must be "smart growth.” That means we need growth that includes adequate funding for our roads, infrastructure and personnel, and growth that will not overly burden our nationally-ranked school system. The right mix of commercial and residential development, as well as a commitment to maintaining the high quality of our public schools will allow our city to thrive like never before. By building the right plan - a smart plan where city leaders collaborate with educators, developers, businesses and residents - we can meet this goal, together.


2. Support Madison City Schools
Madison City’s schools are truly the heart of our city. Our schools consistently rank in the top 1 - 2 percent of America’s best schools, and are the crowning jewels that draw people to live, work and shop in Madison. As a community, it is vital that we protect and support our schools by ensuring they are well-funded and not overcrowded. To make the continuing success of our schools a city-wide priority as we continue to grow will take the support of all levels of our city government, our residents and our businesses, and will be hugely beneficial to all of us.


3. Transparency
Residents deserve to be kept informed about issues regarding city government, and to have their voices heard and valued by their City Council. There aren't “good” issues and “bad” issues, there are just facts, and all "facts are friendly" as long as they are properly shared and discussed with stakeholders. As your representative in District 3, I can guarantee that I will make sure you are informed, I will listen to your opinions, and I will thoughtfully make decisions that I believe are in the best interests of our community. We may not always agree on every issue, but we will work together as citizens of this great city who all have a common goal: to support the people, schools and businesses in the City of Madison.

Friends of Brian Goodwin for District 3
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